Insulation & Chassis Coatings

Looking After The Foundations Of Your Park Home With Our Chassis Repairs & Floor Insulation Services


BPR understand that the chassis may not be visible, but still remains the foundation of your park home, and is extremely important to the security, stability and lifespan of the home.

The chassis is the only part of the entire structure of the park home that cannot be replaced so it is vital that it is regularly maintained to ensure it does not cause you long term problems to the park home.

The main issues affecting the chassis condition are rust and corrosion. Once rust corrosion sets in the metal work structure is compromised leaving a long term risk of distortion and potential collapse of the park home.

The chassis services that BPR offer clients include:

– Chassis inspections
– Chassis coatings to prevent rust corrosion and weather damage
– Repairs to the chassis structures where damage may already have taken place
– Re-supporting the structure, where there may have been changes to the interior or exterior of the park home.
– Re-levelling the structure, when the home may have become unevenly balanced due to the structure of the park home or the land under which it is situated.

At BPR we encourage our clients to have the underside of their park home regularly checked and maintained to insure against future problems, with prevention of problems being an easier and cheaper option that having to cure them.

BPR offer a UK nationwide service for their chassis repairs and refurbishment service.

Underfloor Insulation

BPR also offer an under floor insulation service, enabling you to keep cold floors and draughts at bay, whilst making your home a warmer place to live and a cheaper place to heat.

All park homes have a regulatory gap of 25mm between the skirting of the home and the actual subframe of the home.This is there as a safety measure to ensure any trapped gases are dispersed, however this 25mm gap also allows the movement of air underneath the park home which is the culprit for unwanted draughts throughout the home.

Because every park home is different, we always survey the home before choosing the correct under floor insulation option to meet your requirements. The system we use utilises closed cell polyurethene spray foam, or a combination of spray foam and insulation boarding.

When insulation the floor we aim to insulate all seams and gaps to prevent cold draughts penetrating the flooring, offering the guarantee of a warmer park home.

BPR offer a UK national service, free no-obligation quotations and full manufacturers warranty, as well as a 10 year labour guarantee on all works completed.

For more information on the flooring insulation services or chassis repair and refurbishment services BPR offer for park homes in the UK, or to ask one of our experts for a free no-obligations quotation please contact us on 0800 303 2841 or email

If you are looking for park home repairs, insulation or roofing services then please contact Bridge Park Home Repairs in Gloucestershire.

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